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  1. Most Christian men become believers before the age of 21, but it is in college where men decide how they will live the rest of their lives.

  2. 60 percent of college men who profess Christ walk away from their faith in college.

  3. Men want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

  4. Women desire and need men who are strong in their faith.

  5. We want to be there to offer Christian men in college an alternative to the present fraternal lifestyle and provide the best college experience that a Christian man can have.

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The goals of pledgeship are for pledges to foster a deep sense of commitment to the fraternity, gain a proper understanding of the history and purpose of the fraternity and grow into the image of Christ. Through weekly pledge meetings, the pledges learn the intricacies of Beta Upsilon Chi and get to know each other on a personal level. All the while, the members of the fraternity serve and invest in the pledges as they work through the pledgeship process.


Each of our members is a professing Christian and exhibits a willingness to serve Jesus Christ. Though we are not perfect, we strive to develop brotherhood and unity among our active members, equipping them for post-graduate life and furthering their individual walk with God.

Cell Groups

Cell Groups are committed Christ-centered communities of four-to-six men who meet to further the purpose of BYX in their personal lives through deep Christ-centered relationships. Cell group is a requirement for all brothers and serves as a primary source of spiritual growth in BYX.


Each November, the National Staff and Board of Directors host National Officer Training to introduce new officer teams to the responsibilities, structure, and vision of Brothers Under Christ at the national level. There are numerous opportunties to grow as a leader in BYX. Holding an officer role is just one example. Each year, the best leaders from chapters across the country are chosen from a pool of applicants to attend the COR Leadership Retreat.


Each semester, every chapter has a full retreat for all of its members. The focus of the retreat is to get away from the normal campus atmosphere and surroundings to enjoy a time of brotherhood, worship and community in a relaxing environment.

Chapter Meetings

The primary fraternity meeting each week is chapter meeting. During the weekly chapter meetings, members and pledges come together to promote the fraternity purpose, celebrate fraternity traditions, worship in song and hear a brief devotional from a brother.

Social and Campus Presence

Beta Upsilon Chi is actively involved in Greek and social life on campus. Our parties are intended to promote an exciting, uplifting environment for all attending. They range from formals, themed date parties, open parties, mixers, tailgates and date dashes. They are entirely free of alcohol. BYX is also involved in events with other fraternities and sororities, including mixers, philanthropies, service opportunities and campus-wide events.